I’ve been bad.  I haven’t written anything for a good while because I was down in Texas for two very enjoyable weeks.  It was HEAVEN! But, I swear I gained 10 pounds while I was visiting.

It was bittersweet though.  It was exciting to go back to Marfa after being away for six months but the first images I saw of my beloved West Texas was black and grey areas all over that beautiful terrain.  You can read about the devastating fires down south but until you see it up close and personal….I got goose bumps after seeing it firsthand. 
It was just so sad. 

But, I’m not going to ponder on sadness. 

I got to visit great friends and family.  It was nice to wake-up every morning and get my cup o’Joe at FRAMA.  It was so nice to see friends come and go while I was drinking my soy latte.   My best friend Alice made me her infamous Green enchiladas with Mexican Corn tortillas from Ojinaga.  (YUM!!)  If you ever befriend her, ask her nicely to make you some.  It is so worth it!

I had a fabulous dinner with Maiya at her restaurant.  There is nothing like her
Prickly Pear Cosmos and Salmon entrée!!! You can’t get that speciality Cosmo up here in Washington!  We paired her good food and wine with a wonderful conversation.  I miss working for her!
I ate at a new restaurant in Marfa with my lovely friend Lia.  You can now get Chicken and Waffles at the Miniature Rooster while hanging out in good ol’ Marfa.  Like I’ve said before, Only In Marfa.

At the end of this wonderful two weeks, I spent the weekend with my family.  Mis Abuelos celebrated their 66th Wedding Anniversary at the Thunderbird.  It was great to catch up with my family while eating great food and listening to the beautiful sounds from The Resonators.  We drank margaritas and sangria while dancing the night away. 

Now what was that infamous Shakespeare quote…Parting is such sweet sorrow!  I left that Sunday and I did cry.  I was sad to say goodbye to my parents and grandparents.  But I was also ready to cool off in Washington.  One hundred degree weather is no fun!  And naturally I missed my boyfriend.

If I didn’t see you out in about in Marfa, I’m sorry that I missed you.  But there will be more visits! 

I’m back in the Pacific Northwest.  Enjoying the cooler weather and the sushi.

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A Friendly Hello from Texas

There is nothing like a big, warm Texas hello.  The friendliness that Texas has is compared to no other.  I miss that.  Don’t get me wrong, the people up here in Washington are polite.  They just don’t have that warm and inviting feeling you get anywhere in Texas, especially back home.  I know Texas will always welcome me back with open arms!

My boyfriend’s brother, who couldn’t wait to get out of Alpine,  said the other day that he really misses that warm friendly feeling he got when he lived there.  The day he arrived from Puerto Rico, he was shocked that everyone was waving hello as he passed them along the street in his vehicle.  Confession: I don’t wave to people anymore while I drive like I used to back in Texas.  SIGH…

I told him that Texas is the Friendship State.  It’s name means friends or allies in Caddo.  We all learned that back in middle school history class.  When we were getting ready to move up here to Washington, we had so many people from work or from the neighborhood come over and help us load up that Penske truck with all of our worldly possessions.   My mother-in-law was in complete shock.  She could not believe that so many people came over to help us clean our house, pack up our stuff and load it all in that moving truck.  She’s from San Juan, Puerto Rico and she commented to me on our four-day drive to Washington that she was impressed with the friendliness from back home.  You wouldn’t find that in San Juan is what she told me.  Let’s also not forget about the going away parties they had for us when we left.  It was a warm feeling that I got and I don’t think I can find up here in Washington. 

This is what makes Texas special and unique.  It’s no surprise that people visit Marfa and stay put.  The people will help you out whenever you need it, will donate money for a school fundraiser, or just invite you over for a simple backyard BBQ. 

In less than two weeks I’ll be back in Texas for a mini-vacation.  I promise myself that I will begin waving again to people while I drive up and down Marfa.

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A Conversation with Rain

I had a conversation yesterday with the clouds, rain and weather.  I asked them politely to stop raining here in Washington and travel southwest to my home.  I asked them politely because before the fire began at the Rock House, I was cursing the rain and dreary clouds because I was tired of it.  Or, more aptly put, I was becoming melancholy and aching for the sunshine. 

I was drowning in this rain.  Rain everyday. And every night.  Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. RAIN. RAIN. RAIN.

Dear Lord, please send this lovely rain to Marfa and the surrounding areas who are dealing with these  terrible fires.  There has been so much destruction and heartache back home.  That beautiful land that I call home needs to be drenched and healed with your quenching rain.   

In a nutshell, that was my conversation with the rain and God.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the rain but we’ve had plenty of it and I don’t mind sharing it with West Texas.  Believe me, every time I walk into Starbucks and the barista asks me about the rain and how it’s getting tiring.  I tell them to say a little prayer to send it over to West Texas because they’ve had a fire raging on since April 9th.

  So, please Washington rain showers, travel southwest to Marfa and the surrounding areas.  They will welcome you with open arms.

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Cowboy Boots

Looks like little ol’ Zaide is trading in her Jimmy Choos for some good ol’ cowboy boots.  I know, I know many of you will question why?  Is she sick?  The rain has gotten to her! Someone invaded her body!  She’s depressed. She’s lonely.  Did her fashion glossy magazine subscriptions run out?

Nope. None of the above.  It’s just one of the many realizations I’ve had while living up in this wet and dreary place.  (Ok, it’s not that bad.) I have boots from my tan plain Uggs to black suede 3 inch booties but no cowboy boots.  How could I not?  I’m from Texas.  I know cowboys and I’ve hung out at The Crystal Bar in Alpine, Texas.  Something that I am not to open to say but I’ve had a few Coronas there in my time.   “Cowgirl” I am not but I know I can jazz them up.  Or, just pair it the right way without looking too Urban Cowboy.

I think they would be fun with right dress or with skinny jeans.  And, anyways the way it rains up here, they sure would last longer than my other boots.  My booties are hidden away in my closet because the damp moisture has ruined them.  Sigh.

So, yes I’ve been online at Tony Lama checking out different styles of cowboy boots to purchase.  Honestly I think it’s a bit of nostalgia that I have.  Like I’ve said before, you don’t realize what you’ll miss till it’s out of reach.  Cowboy boots are just a bit of Texas up here with me in Washington.

And yes, Jimmy Choos and Manolos are still my favorites.

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My Beloved West Texas

This weekend has been such a sad one for me and for all my fellow West Texans.  Thank God for Facebook.  I was online when I saw the postings about the fire that erupted at the Rock House.  I may be 2,000 miles away but I kept up with FB, Marfa Public Radio and Bigbendnow.com with the fire situation back home.

I was devastated to know that this fire was spreading quickly and engulfing  anything that was in its path.  I can’t imagine what that beautiful landscape looks like right now or at the precise moment the fire was roaring through.  Pictures are hard to see because I can’t believe it.  Or more like, I don’t want to believe it.

I feel so helpless all the way up here.  Last night it rained here and I prayed for it to head southeast to West Texas.  I even feel guilty that I have so much rain up here since it hasn’t rained out there since September.

So, I pray all day that the fires cease and that when I return in June the beauty will be intact.  It’s heart wrenching to know that fires keep rolling on.  On the positive side, it’s so beautiful to know that there are so many wonderful West Texans getting together to help one another during such a devastating time.  I send much love and gratitude to all in West Texas and feel proud that I’m from there.

God Bless West Texas and it’s heroes!  And many thanks to Marfa Public Radio and Bigbendnow.com who have been keeping the information rolling in.

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Sundays up here are hard on me.  I hear the birds chirping and the ducks quacking when I wake up.  So beautiful and greatful for a new morning.  That’s when I realize it’s Sunday.  More importantly, I am not back home.  Hence the ducks quacking. Ugh, I still haven’t found that connection to Bellingham. 

Sundays in Marfa are special to me.  I took it for granted when I was there but up here I dread Saturday evening because Sunday is creeping up on me. 

I would wake up back home in Alpine and go to Mass in the morning.  Then I would drive the 26 miles over to Marfa with the sunroof open. I would have breakfast at Cochineal’s or my pet name for it Cochi’s with either my parents or my girlfriends.  I loved it.  Especially during the spring time when you can dine outside and the weather was just perfect.  Everything there was so tasty, especially those buttery, flakey croissants.  Yum.  It was so simple but every bit wonderful.

It was always a lazy day there in Marfa and I could always count on great coffee from FRAMA.  I’d walk over to The Get Go to pick-up the New York Times to catch up on the Style Section.  And if your from Marfa, it’s the only way to get around there, walking or riding a turquoise bike with a basket.  

After sipping the last drop of coffee from FRAMA and I finished reading the Times, then I would mosey on over to the Bookstore.  Everytime I walked in, a smile would spread across my face.  Books are my other obsession besides fashion.  I would enjoy seeing tourists exclaim how wonderful that there was such a great little bookstore in middle of nowhere. 

 Now, now Marfa is Somewhere.  Somewhere I long for every Sunday morning.

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Texas Gal lost in Pacific Nor’West

I’ve lived in Texas all of my 32 years until this January.  I grew up in Marfa, lived in San Antonio and headed back to Alpine to finish my undergrad and graduate programs. I relocated to the Washington area about two months ago.  I was ready and willing to leave West Texas that I didn’t think twice about saying yes to this move! I wanted a new adventure and surroundings…It never occurred to me that maybe I would miss West Texas and my little town of Marfa.  I knew I would miss my family and friends but Marfa, no never.  Never say Never

At first the rain and grey sky were exciting to me.  I never see this back home and it was a much-needed cool down for me.  As the saying goes, West Texas weather is up and down.  It was January and I longed for a cooler winter weather.  Winter was never “winter” back home.  It got cold and once in a while it would snow but would be gone by the afternoon.  Boy, did I get it! After two weeks of drab grey skies and a constant rain, the West Texas golden sun was sooo far away!

This blog is my love affair with Marfa and everything in it.  I found out about this abundant love the moment I moved up to the Pacific Northwest.   You never know what you will miss until its gone.

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